chocolate filled blondies


Blondies, are best when they are chewy. This recipe here is easy, chewy. This post will help you make the best chewy double chocolate blondies recipe. blondies. The better part is yet to come. this blondies recipe has a layer of chopped chocolate bar tucked in between sheets of blondie batter and then topped with a 70% dark chocolate chunks. Can it get more chocolatey than this ??

A quick run down on these chewy double chocolate blondies recipe

  • Since it is a simple one bowl recipe. it is an easy bake
  • Makes for a quick bake, because you can make it in around 40 minutes from mixing to baking
  • These blondies are chewy, moist and loaded with chocolates on all sides. Perfect for an indulgent chocolate treat.
  • doubles up as perfect crowd pleaser dessert. since, you can cut them into bars and serve it up.
  • Suitable for any occassion – table dinners, buffet parties, or just no occassion. Because they are so easy to make ahead.

WHAT ARE BLONDIES? and how is it different from brownies.

Blondies are, generally known as an opposite to brownies. But the texture appearance are all the same. Even the ingredients are almost the same. Both of them can be customised just to your preference, which leads to a huge variety. Having said that, there are certain things that make a blondie different from a brownie.

what makes blondies different.. lets see.

  • Blondies use all purpose flour or a combination of bread flour and brownies use all purpose flour & cocoa powder as their dry flour ingredients.
  • Blondies are generally golden brown in colour, getting their colour from the brown sugar. So blondies use brown sugar to get their gold brown colour. Brownies are cocoa based, making it one of the most decadent chocolate dessert item. Therefore brownies have cocoa powder or and chocolate as their mandatory ingredient.
  • Most of the flavour to the blondie comes from the butter and brown sugar. when mixed or creamed gives a nutty butterscotch flavour. So the base flavour of a blondie is more butterscotch and caramel like. A brownie is outright chocolate, mostly dark or semisweet chocolate.
  • The moistness to a blondie comes from the molasses in the brown sugar. The darker the brown sugar more the molasses, and more moistness to your blondies. You can even add more molasses. The brownies moistness factor is the fudginess which comes from chocolate.

Now that we know what a blondie is. lets head to making these chewy double chocolate blondies


Blondies are easy simple to make. In fact this, Chewy Double chocolate blondies recipe is a One Bowl Recipe.

Before leaving you with the recipe, a quick run down on how these blondies are made.

First the ingredients,

What are these chewy chocolate blondies made of ?

chewy chocolate blondies

Like I said before blondies have some basic ingredients, similar to brownies. These Chewy Chocolate blondies have all those ingredients, but with a slight tweak to make it chewy and moist.

  1. Flour : I have used plain all purpose flour. Blondies have a high fat to flour ratio. So flour is generally less when compared to fat put together(butter and eggs)
  2. Corn starch – Remember we are talking about chewy blondies. a tiny bit of cornstarch in to the flour. No you wont be tasting the cornstarch.
  3. vanilla extract. – this is the main flavour here.
  4. Butter : melted and cooled butter. Measure and then melt and then cool it down to room temperature. Melted butter, brings moistness and adds to the chewiness.
  5. Sugar – Use a good dark brown sugar. It has more molasses. The darker the brown sugar the more molasses. More the molasses more moist is your blondie. The SIS brand is good, that is what i have used here.
  6. Eggs – an extra egg yolk makes all the difference to this blondie and makes it even more chewier and moist. So whole eggs plus an yolk is what we need.
  7. The best part to a blondie is the mix – ins, here in this recipe, its chocolate. And we use chocolate twice, one for the filling in between the blondie batter. And one as a topping.
    1. For layering or filling – Semisweet chocolate or chocolate bar with cocoa content more than 54%. Just cut them into flat random squares
    2. For Topping – Dark 70% chunks and chocolate shavings.

SO basically stick to using a combination of different percdentage of chocolate bars helps balance out the sweetness in the blondie.

So lets get baking

equipments you will need

  • 1 large bowl
  • electric mixer. I recommend using electric mixer this helps to breakdown the lumps in the brown sugar.
  • spatula
  • whisk
  • 9×13 or a 8×8 pan. An 8×8 will give huge thick blondies like mine. and 9×13 will give a fairly thinner blondie. And to make it for a crowd, I ssuggest using a 9×13 pan.

Method is pretty easy, The sugar goes into the melted butter, beat well using until well blended, then the eggs go in with vanilla extract. Then slowly the dry ingredients get incorporated forming a nice thick gooey batter. Now you will layer the pan.

chewy chocolate blondies recipe
  1. first spread the blondie batter just enough to cover the base.
  2. Next place the thin chocolate squares randomly.
  3. finally you will cove the top with left blondie batter covering the chocolate
  4. Finish off, with chocolate chunks.

how do you know blondie is done ? – Bake enough until you see crumbs on a tooth pick . usually around 25 to 30 mins. Similar to brownie. Even if you underbake it by a few minutes, it is totally fine. It will still be done up in the heat of the pan. Leaving you with the recipe here

Chewy chocolate blondies are moist and a complete winner at feeding a crowd


A chewy Blondie batter filled and topped with dark chocolate.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Total Time40 mins
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American
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Servings: 9 bars


  • electric beater
  • 9×13 pan or an 8×8 / 9×9 square pan
  • spatula
  • whisk
  • knife to cut the bars
  • mixing bowls 2 medium and large
  • nonstick spray / bake spray
  • parchment paper


  • 225 grams melted butter measure and melt
  • 280 gram brown sugar(break down the lumps) i used dark brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 large egg yolk
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 300 grams all purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tbsp corn starch
  • 100 – 200 grams semi sweet chocolate chocolate from a bar, cut into squares or randomly
  • 100 – 200 grams dark chocolate chunks 70% dark(any cocoa percentage that you prefer)


  • Melt Butter in a sauce pan. Transfer to a large bowl, let it cool down.
  • Preheat oven. Line and flour or spray a 8×8 square pan or a quarter sheet pan 9 x 13
  • In a medium bowl, whisk the flour, corn starch and salt. Set it aside. This is your flour mix
  • Now to the cooled butter, add the brown sugar, beat well until it is blended well. Make sure there are no sugar lumps left.
  • Then add the eggs and vanilla. Giving a mix, until its just mixed. leaving no streaks
  • Fold in the flour mix. You will mix, until there are no flour seen.The batter will be gooey
  • Divide the batter, or just eye ball. First pour the blondie batter, just enough to cover the base of the pan. Fill the next layer with chocolate squares. Cover with the remaining batter. Top it with chocolate chunks.
  • Bake at 170°c or 350°F. for 25 mins. Until a toothpick inserted comes out with crumbs
  • Let it sit in the pan for 10 mins, before transfering on to the wire rack.
  • Let it completely cool down before cutting into bars


  1. Melted Butter : you will first measure and then melted. Bring it to room temperature or even luke warm is totally fine. But make sure it doesnt go back to solid state. 
  2. Brown sugar has lumps, while beating break down all the lumps. So there are no pockets of sugar left. Sugar in this recipe can be altered according to personal preference.  you can go up to using 340 grams of sugar. 


  • Blondies can be stored well in room temperature for about 4 days in an air tight container.
  • Refrigerate for about a week again, in an airtight container. But warm it up lightly before serving.
  • Blondies can be frozen for weeks. You will have to thaw to room temperature and slightly warm it up.


Absolutely ! yes you can.

  • Bake them completely and store as said above.
  • Or just mix the dry ingredients and keep ready in a zip loc. Your chocolate chopped and ready. When you want to bake, pre heat the oven and prep the wet ingredients. You can whip it up in 15 mins. If your dry ingredients are ready.
  • In my opinion, I suggest you bake ahead. because these blondies taste way better after a day.


These Chewy chocolate Blondies are best served in bars, neatly cut. But you can pair them with a variety of toppings. Here are some ideas. keep it simple or go wild.

First of all you will wait until it has completely cool down, before cutting them into bars.

  1. vanilla icecream and chocolate fudge sauce
  2. make a topping or frost a blondie with this fudge frosting, to make it a complete gourmet dessert.
  3. drizzle some caramel sauce.
  4. or just keep it simple. cut them neatly into bars. so its ready to dig in.

My best topping would be a vanilla icecream with some fudge sauce. What else could you ask a chocolate lover. What is your topping? how did you pair your blondie ? Let me know or tag your blondies on insta @sweetspotbakeblog. Would love to see them 🙂

Stay Calm and Bake well

Much Love

Shri 🙂

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