Hey Foodie buddies !!

Lovely to meet you all here.

Thank you for visiting my little space in this huge world of internet.


Im Shrilatha Prabhudev, a doting daughter, a wife. Most importantly, a person compassionate about family, love, life, and humanity.

Amazing tasty food has always been an epicenter in my life ever since I can remember. It runs totally in my family and im glad I have those genes. Mom and aunt are the best cooks. My love for good food just had to come.

I grew up in Bangalore, India. And thanks to my parents for a wonderful exposure to food, culture and upbringing. My parents have always taught me to follow my heart. Which has helped me pursue what I loved, rather than giving into any pressures to go any mainstream. Yes I have done quite a bit until I found my calling. (no one is perfect) and am glad about it.


This is my small journey, attempting at bringing my passion for baking and writing.

Im not new to baking. My earliest memories where when mum made eclairs. I still remember how fascinated i was with the eclairs, years went by and saw myself baking trays of chocolate cake for my  classmates.. !!

It was only after I got married and started my small home chocolate business, did i realise my passion and love for baking. then did i start my search to learn, somehow wasnt convinced what the regular baking classes offered, so then started self learning.

www.joyofbaking.com is where i learnt the basics. And i totally fell in love with old school baking; classic bakes are something I love. baking is passion, chocolate and coffee is my first love and can never get bored..!!

Bakewithsweetspot is my humble attempt at journaling my baking recipes tried and tested. Mostly classic, simple, flavourful bakes. And yes you will also find loads of chocolate bakes very frequently. You will find posts on the why, how and what of baking, techniques, tips for getting perfect bakes. So there will be breakfast bakes, simple cakes, cookies, Brownies are another thing i love, so you will find. Sometimes background of these bakes, origin, a little peek on how it evolved. and occassional bakes with seasonal produce and local ingredients.

Want to get in touch with something.You can reach me on shrilatha.p@bakewithsweetspot.com

Apart from the baking branch of my life, an MBA by education. I live in Dubai (now) with my husband (official taster)and have been trotting the globe with his work commitments and this opportunity has given me the best exposure to world cuisines and most importantly to the different pastries, cakes, bakes   I also bake and decorate cake for family and friends here (right now a full time blogger, baker, photographer).

Other things that keep me excited about life are, Family, fitness, travel, good food, and shopping (thats all good things in life summed up).