I wanted to start a new section on the blog which had only frostings and icings, so it gets easier to refer back for anyone on the site. So one thing is you can directly get your frosting recipe without going through the cake recipe, which I find it to be practical.

So what best way to start the frostings section with my best chocolate fudge frosting… See Im in love with anything chocolate. So i just need another chance to do something with chocolate.



Fudge frosting is one of the most decadent and divine chocolate frosting. But let me remind you, this one is for avid chocolate lovers especially dark chocolate lovers. This Frosting is rich dark deep, everything a Chocolate frosting and filling should be.

When filled into a chocolate cake you get a chocolate fudge cake… Thats one of my favorite..! And my favourite chocolate recipe is here

WHAT IS A FUDGE – A fudge is a soft chewy sweet made of butter, sugar milk and cream. while knowing this read on more…

Why do we call this fudge frosting ?

This chocolate fudge frosting, we use dark solid chocolate melted, combined with some cocoa powder, butter, sugar, cream gives a fudge frosting which is chewy

Best chocolate fudge frosting


  • Butter melted – contributes to the chewy fudgy frosting
  • Chocolate melted is what gives the fudgy-ness(if theres a word like that). Dark chocolate is what you are looking at anything around 60% and above.
  • Cocoa powder for a deep chocolate flavour.
  • Heavy cream or whipping cream ( always use dairy cream and full fat)
  • icing Sugar
  • And our secret ingredient – Sour Cream

All these to give the richness and to be a show stopping, decadent, yummiest Chocolate frosting


  • Fill a Cake. – Fill a layered cake with this frosting.
  • Frost a Cake (read the notes) – cover a cake. This recipe covers a 3 layered 8″ cake.
  • Fill a cookie and make it a sandwich cookie

I have used this frosting to fill, frost and pipe rosettes, by adjusting the consistency by adding a little amount of whipping cream.

best fudge frosting
fudge frosting

Best tasting when filled into moist dark chocolate cake. Oh My


For the rosettes, I used a wilton1m tip. You get such beautiful rosettes.

And honestly, there is a zillion things we can use this frosting for.

Nothing more just the recipe here


fudgy decadent frosting. The best one ever for a divine chocolate frosting
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time25 mins
Course: Dessert
Keyword: Best Chocolate frosting Recipe, chocolate frostings, chocolate fudge frosting recipe, chocolate icings, chocolate icings for cakes, Decadent chocolate frosting
Servings: 2 layers of 8” cake
Author: Shri


  • 150 gms dark chocolate chopped any chocolate above 60% is good
  • 250 gms butter salted or unsalted
  • 60 gms unsweetened cocoa powder hersheys will do fine
  • 320 gms icing sugar measure and then sift
  • 200 ml sour cream


  • Melt the butter in a pan. Transfer to a large bowl and add chopped chocolate. Mix until the chocolate is melted and a uniform  mixture 
  • then add the cocoa powder, icing sugar. Beat on medium speed until it all comes together and is a little thick. 
  • Then add the sour cream and beat well to form a consistency as per your desire 


  • Use icing sugar to adjust the frosting consistency to be thicker 
  • Use a little extra sour cream and whip well to make it a little fluffy to be able pipe into some beautiful rosettes. ( in that case the colour of your frosting will be a little lighter but it will taste heavenly)


  • This Frosting is good enough to fill and crumb coat, a 3 layer 8inch cake
  • This frosting can be stored in the refrigerator in an air tight container. and stays good for a week. 

All chocolate lovers this one is a must try. So if you want some more of a decadent chocolate recipe, it is here

That’s about it for now.. Soon we will have other spring summer recipes.

Thank you .. Happy Baking & Much Love


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